Catering Team Leader (Full-time)

Need a kitchen leadership role with more meaning?
Are you ready to lead and manager an efficient and effective team?

We know there is a highly motivated person out there who can continue the legacy of leading one of the best run kitchens around, all the while serving a higher purpose. This person will inherit a kitchen that runs like a well-oiled machine. 

This person will value the delivery of high quality food, organised rosters, relevant menus and great customer service that will give our guests the best possible experience. You will need the initiative to roll up your sleeves and work through the task list with determination and focus.

Being adaptable, innovative, detailed, practical, and conscientious are the top 5 attributes we are seeking. If you have worked in a Christian camping organisation before or have experience in leading a catering team for large events, you will appreciate the challenges and opportunities involved.

With a team of energetic people around you there is much to do. Your powers of team leading, delegation, flexibility, and organisation will be tested. Even with a clear plan and the right systems, anything can happen. Our team will come to rely on you having your finger on the pulse and the systems know-how to cope with the quick fixes on the spot.

Your list of responsibilities is diverse and wide-ranging. From oversight of food preparation, planning menus, monitoring food safety and rostering there will not be a dull moment. This role is a part of our wider leadership team that gives input into the running of the centre. Time management and working with the team will be a natural strength to your skillset, and you will know how to best respond to competing priorities.

Our Mission

At Totara Springs Christian Centre (TSCC), we believe in practically demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus through providing excellence in everything that we do. Our gifted and motivated team has the privilege of creating unforgettable memories for groups of people all year round.

You will contribute to the present and future culture of our amazing organisation and sharing God's love. This is an opportunity to lead and inspire the youth of tomorrow, a place where life-changing experiences happen every day.

Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to background checks required under the Children's Act as part of pre-employment screening. Our ideal candidate will share a commitment and enthusiasm towards the Christian faith.

Please provide at least 3 references. 

(Note, non-Family please)

  • 1 Pastoral
  • 1 Employer/Teacher
  • 1 Friend

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