Holiday Camps Sponsorship

Holiday Camps Outreach

Our holiday camps programmes hold a special place in our hearts. Through a week at camp, kids from all places and walks of life are able to come and meet Jesus for the first time in their life, alongside creating new friends and trying new experiences. 


Sponsoring camp fees is one way you can invest in the life of a kid to come to camp. 

“A camper was talking about the generational impact camp is having on his family. His older brother came to camp, now he’s at camp and he’s excited that his baby brother will come someday. Hearing this was really encouraging that we are changing the lives of whole families.”    - Leader

Leader Investment

Developing and inputting into our leaders is the backbone of our holiday camps ministry - we couldn't run camp with out them! 

“I really liked being a leader because for a week I was able to hang out with a group of girls and speak truth into their lives. Sitting with someone as they accept Jesus into their heart is one of the beautiful things. Being an area head is rewarding, as I get to walk alongside a group of leaders and support and encourage them as they grow and develop in their faith and leadership skills.” - Leader

Leader Experiences

Our leaders are an integral part of our camp ministry.

Make a difference

"When I was a camper, my leaders inspired me. As a leader my campers inspired me. Then there's all the other inspirational people you meet. It's like a never ending circle of inspiration." - Leader 

Help us to continue the circle of inspiration and influence in campers and leaders lives. 


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