Intermediate Sports Camps

Sporting Achievement

Intermediate Sports Camps have been happening at Tōtara Springs for over 30 years. We currently hold eight sports camps during Terms 2 and 3 with more than 60 schools attending. Each camp can have up to eight teams and they can bring a maximum of 40 pupils each. During the week teams compete in over 30 different sports:                                                                          

Basketball, Croquet, Netball, Petanque, Rugby, Soccer,  Softball, Tennis, Touch, Volleyball. We also have some one off events: Athletics, Cross Country, Frisbee Golf, Hole in one Golf, Kayaking, Swimming and Team Triathlon. One of the highlights of camp is after dinner we keep going  with night sports including Bowls, Caged Soccer, Chess, Darts, Draughts, Indoor Hockey and Indoor Soccer. Plus our own unique sports Cheer Night, Scramball, Spikeball and Wallball.

Camp starts on a Monday afternoon and finish on Friday at lunch time. Camp has a hot pool so bring your togs. These camps give pupils an opportunity to play a range of sports including sports they would not normally participant in. If you are a school with intermediate aged pupils and are interested in coming to sports camp then 

please contact
or ring 078884700 ext 218 for more details.

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