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Leader Service Days

Feel like 6 months is too long to go without seeing your camp mates? So do we!  We’re going to be  coming to your neck of the woods, finding an awesome community project to join with and spending a day together sharing the love of Jesus through practical acts. We'll end our time hanging out over some kai. If you know of a project in your church/community that we could jump in with, we’d love to hear from you! Register your interest on our sign up forms.

Auckland Leaders Day- 21 May, 2022

Tauranga Leaders Day- 18 June, 2022

​Leader Retreat

We are unbelievably excited to take you guys through our newly shaped Leadership Training Camp! This camp is designed just for you and is compulsory if you are planning to lead with us over the coming year. We’ll be walking through the heart of what it means to be a leader and equipping you with lots of practical skills to help assist you in camp/kids' ministry leadership along the way.  Packed full of opportunities for growth- from small group reflection times to practical workshops- this camp has been shaped with you in mind and is an intentional time for us to join together as a team. Register today!

​Bible Studies

One of the key ways that we can keep engaged and growing is through checking our input! We're joining together and diving into God's Word and have a bunch of awesome studies that you can sign up for. For each one, we will also be running a discussion group page where we can learn and encourage one another in community.  Keen to join in? Sign up today!

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