What Next?

Welcome to the last day of camp online. 

Thanks for being a part of our first Camp Online, we have loved getting to share a little bit of camp with you all. Today we are going to be wrapping up our Easter Story but asking what now? What should we do about what we have learnt over Easter?

Day 6,7 and 8 Winners !!

Day 6: We received a whole bunch of awesome photos and videos which you can check out in our Photo Album  but winning something from our prize table Today is Tahlia, the biscuits look almost as good as the cards. 

Day 7: We loved seeing these paper Lanterns, well done Lily on your creative and colourful effort

Day 8: Keeping up the colourful theme was the winning pancakes from the Ponts. 

Thanks heaps everyone for your entries, even though the prizes have all been handed out it would still be super cool to see your work. Feel free to send it through to us:)  


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