Family Camp at Totara Springs

Registration for Family Camp 2021-2022 opening soon.

Family Camp A runs from the 27th December 2021 - 1st January 2022

Family Camp B runs from the 3rd January - 8th January 2022

We look forward to seeing you at one of these.

Please note:
Please do not put more than one family per booking, each family requires their own invoice. If a second family is booked on your invoice a second deposit must be paid.                                             Deposits are $300.

Any changes to your original booking must be communicated with the bookings office first.
Your booking is not confirmed until you have filled in your form and paid your deposit,  if both of these are not done, you may miss out on coming.  Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions before you register.

Cabins have 6 bunk beds in and come with a mattress only, all bedding needs to be supplied by you.
Ensuite Cabins are byo bedding.  These sleep up to 11 people and will be assigned on a family size basis.
Lodges have a bottom sheet and pillow supplied

Please Note: As part of our building programme, our motels are currently being changed to Ensuite Cabins and will have their own bathroom, there will be no kitchen facilities and have bunk beds in them.
Prices are based on a per person cost and are for the complete Family Camp package, there is no discount if someone leaves earlier.  

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