Leading at Totara Springs

We love growing young people at Totara Springs. As part of being a leader we invest in you too. 

As a leader, you will be a big part of kids' lives while they are at camp by helping kids become more confident in themselves, relating to others and their knowledge and relationship with God.

What Does the Role Look Like?

As a leader you will arrive at camp the afternoon before campers get here and stay through until the end of camp.

The first day consists of getting to know the other leaders and staff, some useful training to help manage your kids whilst at camp and dinner together. 

During camp, you and another leader will be given a cabin of 6-10 amazing kids to look after. Your job is to get to know them, hang out with them, be their friend, ensure they have a great time, share God with them and know where they are at all times! We’ll take care of the programme, the food and everything else, all you need to do is focus on the kids in your cabin and help give them the best week of their lives!


Leaders are required to be Christians who are regular church/youth group attendees. They must show the ability to lead and complete all paperwork.

The minimum age is 15 years old.

Application Process

Every Camp:

  • Registration Form

Every 2 years:

  • Leader Application Form
  • Written Reference (by a mentor of yours, such as a church or youth leader)
  • Police Check Form (if you are over 17)

These need to be sent to Toby Young toby.young@totarasprings.org.nz

Once paperwork has been received and processed you will receive an email regarding your position at camp.  If you do not receive this, please email Toby again.

Spaces are limited and no one is a guaranteed a position on any camp.

"I find camp to be such an accepting place"

"I find camp to be such an accepting place"
"I love Totara Springs so much I let my face be covered in paint and mud"

"I love Totara Springs so much I let my face be covered in paint and mud"

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