The LIT Programme

“We love to see young people reach their full potential and the LiT programme is designed to do just that. Each LiT will be encouraged to grow in their leadership abilities by being part of a cabin, walking alongside more experienced leaders, as well as being mentored by Totara Springs Staff. As a LiT, they will get to help behind the scenes and become an integral part of making camp run smoothly, while they have time to build their relationship with God through the fun of Christian Camping.”

​Application Process

Every camp:
Camp Registration Form

Every 2 Years:
LIT Application Form

Once paperwork has been received and processed you will receive an email from us to let you know if you are successful or not

Please Note: No-one is guaranteed a position on any camp. There will however be a teens camp available for this age group. 

"I loved being an LIT so much I wish I never had to grow up"

"I loved being an LIT so much I wish I never had to grow up"


Junior Kids Camp: Minimum age 13
Kids Camp: Minimum age 14

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