"Renewal, regrowth, and restoration" defines the word "regeneration". We call it "REgen" for short.

Come be renewed in your desire for God, regrown in your understanding of His glory, and restored in your pursuit of His grandeur. Come to REgen`18.

REgen is a Christian Training Camp for teenagers through to young adults. This conference-style camp is run once every year at Totara Springs. The theme for REgen`18 is “Forming your Faith Foundations” – where we will be looking at the importance of the Local Church in your life. 

There are four purposes for this weekend camp: 

1) Teach all who attend to understand God and His Word. 

2) Train all who attend to be obedient to what God has said in His Word. 

3) Equip all who attend with practical leadership skills. 

4) Worship the Lord together while enjoying sweet fellowship. 

We aim to achieve these goals by boldly proclaiming the Word of God and praying that the Holy Spirit would carry these Words deep into the hearts of the hearers to convict, challenge and comfort them. 

The programme is predominantly focused on teaching the eight relevant topics (below), with fun camp activities scattered throughout. 

• What is Church

• What is Preaching

• What is Leadership 

• What are "Missions" 

• What is Discipleship 

• What is Salvation 

• What are Quiet Times 

• Using Practical Illustrations

The top four are the “main topics” which will be preached at the main gatherings with the remaining four being supportive electives and workshops running during the Saturday. 

Although Christian Camping is what we do, we want to equip young believers for every area of life. 

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