Volunteering at Totara Springs

Volunteering at camp is a fun and fulfilling opportunity. We take volunteers from all backgrounds to come and join as one-family for the purpose of helping kids have the best camp while also teaching them about our Awesome God.

Not only is camp great for the campers, but it's also a rich and rewarding time for volunteers. We believe that campers are having their most fun when the volunteers are too!

And to top it off, all volunteer roles are completely FREE.

So, click below on the camp you’d like to help at and use the coupon code “VOL” to sign up! 

Upcoming Dates

Junior Kids Camp                                                11th - 13th January 2021                                                                
Kids Camp                                                           18th - 22nd January 2021

Teens Camp                                                         23rd - 26th January 2021

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