Volunteering at Totara Springs

Volunteering at camp is an awesome way to grow in your faith, develop your leadership skills and make some great new friends and memories at the same time! Never led before? We have an awesome group of support people here to mentor you in your leadership! We also have a Leader in Training programme for teens aged 14+ who are keen to get a head start leading with us and gain some experience before jumping into a cabin. 

Keen to join the whanau? Follow the instructions below! 

Application Process

Step 1 (Every Holidays):

Register for the camp you wish to lead at (see below), using the coupon VOL
(This lets our kitchen order food for you and means we have a bed for you at camp)

Step 2 (Every Year & First Time Leaders):

Fill out an LiT Application Form (Leaders in Training Only) or Leader Application Form (Leaders Only)

Step 3 (Every Year & First Time Leaders)

Email your Written Reference form to a pastor/youth leader and a teacher/sports coach

Step 4 (Every 3 Years-  17 & Older Only)

Fill in a Police Vet Form and get a copy of your passport/driver license and birth certificate signed off by your school or pastor. Email both forms to: leaders@totarasprings.org.nz

Once paperwork has been received and processed you will receive an email regarding whether your application has been accepted or not. This is usually 4 weeks out from camp.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Apply?

Leaders: 15 years and over

Leaders in Training: 14 years and over

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Our Kids and Day Camps are OSCAR funded. OSCAR requires that all volunteers/staff be fully vaccinated prior to coming to camp. Because of this, all Totara Springs volunteers/leaders will be asked to supply evidence of their vaccination status upon registering. If you have any questions about this, please email leaders@totarasprings.org.nz

Cut Off Dates for Leaders

Spring Cut Off Date: 

All paperwork and leader applications must be in by Monday, 6 September.  Unfortunately, we will be unable to process applications after this date.


Acceptance letters for camp are generally sent out one month before camp begins. Following this, we will also send you a link to our Online Training module- you only need to complete this once a year. It is compulsory for all Leaders and LiT's and must be completed before arriving at camp. There is a minimum pass rate of 7.5/10. 

Future Camp Dates

Please Note: Leaders for Kids and J Kids are generally expected to be at camp 1 day before the dates listed below. 

Leaders Retreat Weekend

  • Equip - 3rd - 5th September

Spring Camps 2021

  • Kids Camp - 4th - 8th October
  • Day Camp - 11th - 15th October

Summer Camps 2022

  • Kids Camp - 17th - 21st January *
  • Teens Camp - 25nd - 28th January *
  • Day Camps - 17-21st January; 25th - 28th January *

* Dates to be confirmed

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