This is what camping is all about, bunking down with a group of your mates in one room, sharing the stories of the day and racing to fall asleep before the snoring starts. As our basic level of accommodation, we have 18 rooms sleeping 12 each and one that sleeps 4.


For those who love camping but also love a proper bed, our lodges are a real step up from the cabins. Each with their own sink, they are shared rooms of 2-5 with a common bathroom area. Lodges also have a common lounge attached to relax in when you're not out enjoying all that Tōtara Springs has to offer.


Great for families or your camp speaker/VIP. Our Motels have their own bathroom and kitchenette. Sleeping between 2-5 this is camping at its most luxurious. 

We now offer 6 of our motel units as ensuite cabins. These now sleep 8 or 11 people.

Tenting & Caravans

Totara Springs is such a beautiful spot, why not consider bringing your caravan or tent? We are set up with caravan power points and dedicated communal bathrooms for those staying in tents or caravans. You will not be more than a short walk away from where you need to go. 

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