Video Introduction to Springs Internship

What is the Springs Internship Programme?

The Springs Internship is designed as a year-long opportunity to deepen your faith, discover more of your identity in Christ, and learn about your calling, while being immersed in camp life.

Who is it for?

This programme is designed for young adults aged 18+ who desire to grow practically in their relationship with the Lord, and who wish to impact their community.

When does it begin?

This programme will commence at the beginning of February 2022


Seeking to continually share the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we do, growing our ministry-impact at Totara Springs into a centre of excellence.


To create a life changing experience for every intern, discipling them in their walk with Christ


We are a people who are characterised by our love for God & one-another. We seek to serve with a motivated, diligent heart, a can-do attitude and a pioneering-spirit. We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Practical Skills / Take Aways

  • Camp programming
  • Activity instructing
  • Life skills (changing the oil on a car; making a legit coffee; financial skills etc.)
  • Leading at camps
  • Food catering for large groups
  • Trade experience with the property team
  • Housekeeping
  • Organisation and planning
  • Refereeing and assisting with Sports camps
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies (if enrolled with Pathways)
  • Possibility for NZQA credits in instructing activities

What does it offer?

You will be given the opportunity to spend a year of deepening your faith, challenging yourself to grow, discovering more of your identity in Christ, and learning about your God-given calling, while being immersed in camp life.

Living on-site with accommodation and food provided, along with road
trips once a month, and nighttime activities every couple of weeks. In
addition to this, you will have 1 day a week set aside for your personal
discipleship and growth as a group of interns. This will include a
devotion, a bible study, a different practical life skill every week,
team building activities and games, and sometimes serving in the

From early February, we will begin with a 2-week Orientation course,
including a Culture Club induction, a team building day, along with a
variety of other activities.

During the school terms, you will experience several
rotations within the different staff teams at Totara Springs (Ministry,
Property, Instructing, Catering, Sports and Housekeeping). It is here
that you will dive head first into daily camp life, learning valuable
practical skills as well as being an essential part of a team.

Every school holidays, you will be an integral part of our programmes
(Easter camp, Day camp, Kids and Teens camps) in a variety of different
roles. Then your year will finish with 6 weeks working as Summer Staff,
during our busiest ministry season of Family Camp, Teens Camp, Kids
Camp, Day Camp and Elite Sports Camp.

During Terms 2 and 3, you will be immersed in intermediate schools
sports camps, whether it be as referees, scorekeepers, or general

For those who choose to, there is also the option of doing the
Springs Internship in conjunction with Pathways College. This is a 1
year Certificate in Biblical Studies alongside this internship, where
you have 6 one-week long block courses, 1 day per week set aside for
study and regular assignments.

In addition to this, there will also be a week-long mission trip
within the region, as well as a weekend tour to Northland to learn about
the impact of missionaries and the gospel on New Zealand history.

What is the application process?

Applicants will submit their CV, along with an email explaining why they
would like to do the internship, as well as why they would be a good
fit for the programme. We will then go through an interview process
before making a final selection.

Come work with us and help build a better future

Email: or call (07)888 4700 ext 205


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