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Camps & Events

We run a variety of camping events at Tōtara Springs, all with their unique feel and style. Check out the current events to find out how and when to get involved. From day camps, to overnight camps, family, weeklong or weekend camps... to epic one-off events we hold at our Christian Camp.


Check out our Autumn Camps registrations here!

Easter Camp

MArch 29th - April 1st

Easter Camp at Totara Springs Christian Centre is a great way to have a low stress, high fun, family holiday. All ages.

Senior Kids Camp

April 14th - 19th ($225)

Kids Camp is coming and boy are we excited to see you all! Join us as we learn new pottery skills and learn that we are each uniquely made.
For years 4-8

Junior Kids Camp

April 22nd - 24th ($160)

Junior Kids Camp is BACK! Come along for fun activities, games, challenges and an all around great time!

For year 2-4


Check out our seasonal camps we run throughout the year!
We run a mix of camps - daytime/overnight camps, family camps or seasonal events like summer camp and sports camp. Keep an eye out for open registrations.

Things to know before you CAMP...

Get your bearings before you arrive, take a look at our site map before you drive.

Not sure what to pack? Here's a standard gear list - pack for the season and any activities! 

We want you to leave feeling challenged and happy - not injured! Take a look at our health and safety documentation.

Check out our activities and the activity safety protocols.


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