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Risk Management and EOTC Information

Your safety is our highest priority. Here's some ways that we strive for your safety during your stay at Tōtara Springs

Health and Safety at Tōtara Springs

At Tōtara Springs we love to give everyone who comes through our gates an experience they will never forget, pushing them to take every opportunity they are given to do their best. It is important to us that everyone who comes to Tōtara Springs leaves challenged, happy, and uninjured - enter our Health and Safety guidelines! 

At Tōtara Springs we run a number of activities that have high levels of risk associated with them. Tōtara Springs is committed to providing safe experiences throughout all of camp. We are audited every year by an independent safety organisation (Qualworx, previously OutdoorsMark) on all our adventure activities.

Activities and Safety Protocols at camp

Activities & Safety protocols

An overview, Safety Action Plan (SAP) and basic info about our key activities. 

If you want to do an activity that isn't listed, please reach out to us if you have any questions.


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