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Tōtara Cabins Project

We're not simply constructing new facilities; we're building on a vision that is now over 60 years old with a commitment to impact and transform lives, and creating an environment where future generations continue to experience the life-changing message of hope in Jesus.

To partner with us in our work, please consider donating financially and continue to pray for us.

A vision to grow

Tōtara Springs Christian Centre (TSCC) is the largest Centre of its kind in New Zealand and is the ultimate venue for church retreats, school camps, sports activities, business conferences, artistic events, holiday camps, and family reunions.

Now in its sixth decade, the site is very popular and has many wonderful attributes but there are some areas and buildings that are tired and do not allow for further growth.  The Centre has undergone a process of master-planning for the future and has plans to replace and upgrade several key facilities.

Project Objective

The objective for the Totara Cabins project is to build a new cabin complex on the site of the current football field to allow expansion and re-development of the hub area of camp.  This new cabin complex will replace the existing Rata & Manuka U-shaped cabin blocks (220 beds total), adding an additional 100 beds.  The old cabins will eventually be demolished or partly remodelled for other facilities once the new complex is complete.

A new cabin block

TSCC engaged MAKE Architects to develop our masterplan and has provided the current concept design of a new multi-wing cabin block with central shared ablution facilities, towel drying rooms, and separate Parent/Teacher cabins with en-suite facilities.  The four separate cabin wings are connected by open air covered walkways around sheltered green courtyard spaces.

This new Cabin Block is Stage 1 of 3 major projects, which also include replacement of the swimming pool and ablutions complex, and a new 1000-1200 seat entrance meeting hall and adjacent bus bay and parking. 
The existing cabins at TSCC were part of the original buildings constructed when camp first started.  A few years ago an extra cabin room was added onto the ends of each of the cabins to increase capacity.

Now, as we face the decision of continuing to renovate the original cabins, we have realised that they are not fit for purpose.  In light of the age of the existing buildings in combination with new building codes, this new building project will be our most cost effective solution.

Setting up for future growth

The new cabins will give our guests comfortable accommodation all year round and provide them with much needed rest so they are able to hear the good news of Jesus.  The cabins are our most used accommodation and have seen tens of thousands of people come through them since 1967.

As we develop this new block we will be upgrading the infrastructure including drinking water storage, storm water, and wastewater systems.  All of this will set TSCC up for future growth. 

We are strategically locating the new cabin block to be further out so when we remove the existing cabins we are able to grow the heart of the centre into a place of fun and relaxation.  This will allow for beautiful lines-of-sight to the Kaimais, create more green space for freetime activities for children, and increase space for adults to interact while still keeping eyesight of children.  

All of this will enable us to make better use of the space we have, creating an environment that opens people up to the mission and ministry of TSCC.

Cabin Blueprints

The layout and plan for the new cabin blocks.

Cabin accommodation consists of 4 separate blocks, each block consisting of two separated building rows of 3 bunk rooms each, typically 12 beds per room with storage and changing area per cabin.

Help us meet the need

There are many ways you can be a part of this project. Please consider partnering with us to complete this project which will impact thousands of lives over the coming years. Your contribution will be a part of a larger community of donors who want to see this project to completion.  Whether you make a one time pledge or give monthly, your gift will matter.  Thank you for joining us in this great cause to impact lives at Tōtara Springs today and for future generations to come.

I want to give, what do I do next?

You can Donate online here.

Choose to give one-time or monthly via Direct Deposit, In Person, or Donate online option.

If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I claim a tax credit for my donation?

Yes, if you make a donation to a charity or other organisation that has donee status. Donee status is administered by Inland Revenue. Tōtara Springs is registered with Charities Services and is eligible for donee status. Tōtara Springs Christian Centre Limited CC56824.

Can I leave a gift in my will?

Yes, it's a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money to charity when they die. Gifts in wills, or bequests, are not just made by the rich and famous. The reality is that most bequests are made by ordinary, hardworking people who want to make a positive difference in their community and to other people's lives.


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