Can You Help Totara Springs Flourish?

Are you the kind of person who gets a grand vision for things - who sees potential and how to fulfil it? Do you believe in the power of relationships to strengthen, build, and transform a community? Are you prepared to champion Christian values in an inspirational and practical way? If you've been thinking "yes, yes, and yes!" to all these, you're exactly the type of person we'd love to speak to.

Totara Spring Christian Centre (TSCC) is a faith-based organisation searching for a Growth and Development Manager. We seek someone who can build on the proud heritage of our Centre, bring our long-term dreams to life, and propel us into a flourishing future that honours our core values. So, what will that look like, in practice?

Reporting directly to our CEO, you'll masterfully manage the 5 P's of marketing (Product, Pricing, Place/Facilities, People and Promotional initiatives) to pioneer, nurture and execute business growth and stakeholder initiatives.

But here is where the visionary part really kicks in. You will also be seeking out, planning and developing all new opportunities and initiatives! With your guidance, TSCC will grow and diversify its sources of revenue, providing a strong foundation for future success.

None of this can be achieved in a vacuum of course. This role is just as much about building and nurturing relationships as it is about growing a business. You'll have the empathy and insight to meaningfully connect with the Centre's key stakeholders, from alumni and Christian Camping NZ to TSCC's guests and visitors - after all, if we don't know those around us, how can we meet their needs?

And in every aspect of your work with TSCC, you'll be a role model of Christian values, practically aligning yourself with our mission: to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus through exhibiting excellence in everything we do.

Our Growth and Development Manager will have their hands full! Here are a few of the attributes we think are essential for anyone looking to tackle this challenge:

  • Previous experience in a similar product / sales / BDM / marketing management role, leading others
  • Experience in business development or managing stakeholder relationships (this is crucial)
  • A proven track record of commercial and financial acumen
  • Has a guest centric philosophy, and a history of implementing successful guest experience initiatives
  • Leverage's networking and leadership skills to effectively influence others and bring people to the table
  •  An ethos of "servant leadership,", lived out through humility, grace, and selflessness
  • A personal commitment to the mission, vision, values and spiritual goals of TSCC - and a regular contributing member within a Christian faith community

Totara Springs Christian Centre is already a vibrant, thriving place to work and play - but with the right person to empower our growth, we know we can become even stronger. Are you up for the challenge?

Our pre-employment screening will include background checks as required under the Children's Act. Our ideal candidate will share a commitment and enthusiasm towards the Christian faith.

Due to international travel restrictions, applicants must be currently living in New Zealand and be permitted to work in New Zealand.

Applications will remain open until the successful candidate is appointed.

Please provide at least 3 references.

  • 1 Pastoral
  • 1 Employer/Teacher
  • 1 Friend

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