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What does my child need to bring?

What is an OSCAR subsidy and how do I apply for it?

The OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) subsidy is for children aged between 5 to 13.  It can help with the costs during the school holidays (up to 50 hours per week). To find out more about childcare assistance while you’re working or to download forms please visit the Work and Income OSCAR page.

If you indicate on the registration form that you will be applying for a subsidy we will send you Part C of the OSCAR form in the post (we can email it to you if you prefer). Once you have completed your section of the OSCAR form and have received our section you can take these into your local WINZ branch for them to process. In most cases WINZ process payments after camp – we will then reimburse you the amount WINZ covered.

Struggling to pay up front?

If you are struggling to pay the full price of camp up front please get in contact with us.

Do you provide a bus to and from camp?

Yes.  For Kids camp we provide a bus to and from Drury Autobahn BP just south of Auckland. The cost is $30 each way. Please indicate during registration if you would like your child to be on the bus. We will provide all of the pick up/drop off information with your camp confirmation email. There are no tickets issued for the bus, the cost is added to your camp fees.  

Where does my child sleep?

We have cabins with bunks in them.  We have two leaders per cabin group and up to 10 children.  The cabins are heated and have bathroom facilities close by.

Is the Devotional time compulsory?

Yes.  These times (usually for an hour per day) are an important part of the culture at camp. 

Can I drop my child off early or pick them up late?

No. If you are not able to come at the times specified please nominate another person (friend or family member) to sign your child in or out. This person must be older than 18 and be specified on the registration form as being permitted to sign the child out of camp. If they are not listed we will not allow your child to be signed out by them without calling you first.

Does my child need to bring food to camp?

No. All food is provided for at camp. Please do not bring any additional food/lollies or drinks to camp. For Kids camp we have included the cost of the canteen in the registration price. The canteen has a selection of lollies, drinks, chips etc for children to purchase with their canteen stars.

Should/Can my child bring money to camp?

No.  Everything is catered for and there is nowhere for them to spend their money at camp.

"I love all the new friends I have made at camp"

"I love all the new friends I have made at camp"

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