Are you ready to guide our guests on life changing experiences?

Are you ready to guide our guests on life changing experiences?

We know there is someone out there who loves the outdoors and wants to share their energy and passion for using physical activities and team building for personal growth with others.

As part of a team dedicated to hosting and leading our guests on outdoor activities, sports games and team building sessions, you will be an outdoors enthusiast, interested in teaching others on how to enjoy our activities safely. At Tōtara Springs Christian Centre we provide outstanding hospitality, creating life-changing experiences, and sharing God’s love is Our Mission.

Your groups can differ from one day to the next. We host school groups, sports camps, businesses and community groups. Hosting can have its challenges, the weather can change and other surprises can occur, requiring you to think on your feet and work with others to come up with a Plan B or C to fit for your group’s needs. As their host you are making sure the event runs smoothly and on time so the rest of the TSCC team operates like a well-oiled machine in the background.

To our guests, you are the face of the camp. Your people skills and confidence speaking in pubic will be second to none. Our activities are designed to put others outside of their comfort zone. You must know when clear instructions are required versus the supportive smiley face with some encouraging words.

Health and safety of our guests and team are the utmost priority. The details matter - ‘do it once and check twice’ mentality is a must. We are forever reviewing, checking and maintaining our facilities and activities (indoors and outdoors). After our guests go home to reflect their life-changing experience, you will help with the cleaning and get the site ready for the next exciting group while reflecting on those memories you help create for others.

Our Mission
At Tōtara Springs Christian Centre (TSCC), we believe in practically demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus through providing excellence in everything that we do. Our gifted and motivated team has the privilege of creating unforgettable memories for groups of people all year round. 

You will contribute to the crafting of the culture of our amazing organisation, help others to be their best selves and sharing God’s love. This is an opportunity to be part of an energetic and inspiring Instructing and Hosting Team at Tōtara Springs, a place where life-changing experiences happen every day.

Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to background checks required under the Children’s Act as part of pre-employment screening. As we are a Christian organisation, you must be considerate and comfortable being and working in this environment.

Due to international travel restrictions applicants must be currently living in New Zealand and be permitted to work in New Zealand.

Please provide at least 3 references.

1 Pastoral
1 Employer/Teacher
1 Friend

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